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Wool Milling Services

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We are excited to offer milling service for Shepards and fiber enthusiast.  Set up as a mini mill, we offer an opportunity to process as small as one fleece and up to 200lbs of your wool.  Twisted Oak Farm and Woolen Mill is here to service your woolly needs!



$30 per an hour.  Your fleeces need to be skirted before you send them to our mill.  If you choose to send the fleece's to us dirty we will charge per the hour to skirt them.  Yes it is dirty work but it will be rewarding in the end to properly prepare your fleeces for processing.  Please feel free to reach out with question on skirting if you have them.  Be sure to pick out those burrs!

Picked Only

$9.50 per pound of clean fiber.  This part of the process opens the fiber up and prepares it for the carder.  Known as picked cloud.

Picking, Carding into Roving, Batts or Clouds

$18 per a pound of washed wool.  This includes picking the fiber into the cloud and then running through the carder.  


$9.00 per a pound of incoming raw weight.  If your fleece is dirty beyond the two soap baths an extra $2.00 per pound.  

Please note that if your fleece is extra dirty or packed with VM, you will be charged with an extra $50. These fees cover the cost of shutting down the equipment to deep clean after processing such a fleece.

We welcome pre-washed fleeces. But we reserve the right to deem if a fleece is clean or dirty.  Please do not wash your fiber with a conditioner.  This gums up our machines.  

Rug Yarn

$20 per a pound of washed wool.  This price includes picking, carding and spinning onto a cotton core.

Thank you!

Please follow this link to fill out a form:  Click Here

We reserve the right to refuse service.  You must receive a confirmation from us before you send your fiber or personally drop it off.  You will pay to have it shipped back to you if you do not wait for the confirmation.

A $50 deposit is required on all orders.  

How to Prep Your Fiber for Processing

Click below for more information on shipping and cleaning your fiber

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